Dordle is a unique word game created by Zaratustra, which is similar to the popular game "Wordle" but with a twist. In "Dordle," players have to guess not one but two 5-letter words in just 7 guesses. It's a challenging game that requires players to use their logic and word skills to figure out hidden words.

The game has two modes: "Daily Dordle" and "Free Dordle." In the "Daily Dordle" mode, players get a new set of words to guess every day, and everyone plays the same words. In contrast, the "Free Dordle" mode allows players to play as many games as they want, with different words generated randomly each time.

When playing "Dordle," players must guess the hidden words by using the feedback given on each guess. The feedback comes in the form of color-coded hints. If a letter is in the correct position, it appears in green. If a letter is in the word but in the wrong position, it appears in yellow. And if a letter is not in the hidden word, it appears in gray.

The game's difficulty level is higher than "Wordle," but the feedback system makes it easier to make progress. With each guess, players can use the feedback to eliminate wrong letters and narrow down their options for the hidden words.

"Dordle" is an excellent game for anyone who loves a good challenge and wants to improve their word skills. With its unique rules and daily challenge, players can test their abilities and see how they stack up against others. So, good luck, and have fun playing "Dordle"!

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Dordle is a unique word game created by Zaratustra, which is similar to the popular game "Wordle" but with a twist. In "Dordle," players have to guess ...


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