Royal Order

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About Royal Order

Royal Order is a visual novel game that puts you in control of your own destiny. As the customizable protagonist, you'll navigate a world of political intrigue, romance, and danger, with the fate of the kingdom hanging in the balance. With customizable appearance, pronoun, and name options, along with three romantic love interests, two stats-raising systems, and a time management and quest system spanning 60 in-game weeks, Royal Order offers a rich and immersive gaming experience with 10 different endings to uncover. Plus, be prepared for unexpected twists and turns, including many deaths along the way – all part of the thrill of the journey!


Royal Order invites players to step into the shoes of a customizable protagonist in the kingdom of Ethrea, where political tensions simmer beneath the surface and secrets lurk around every corner. As you navigate through the intricate web of royal court intrigue, you'll encounter romance, betrayal, and deadly challenges that will put your skills and choices to the test. With multiple endings to uncover, each decision you make will shape the fate of the kingdom and determine your ultimate destiny.

How to Play

  1. Customize Your Protagonist: Begin by customizing your protagonist's appearance, pronoun, and name to reflect your preferences and identity.

  2. Navigate Relationships: Interact with three romantic love interests – two male and one female – each with their unique personalities, backgrounds, and storylines. Choose your responses carefully to deepen your bonds or risk alienating potential allies.

  3. Manage Your Time: With a time management system spanning 60 in-game weeks, prioritize your actions wisely as you balance royal duties, personal relationships, and the pursuit of your own goals.

  4. Complete Quests: Embark on quests and missions that will test your skills and decision-making abilities, with each choice you make leading you closer to one of the game's 10 different endings.

  5. Raise Your Stats: Utilize two stats raising systems to improve your character's abilities and unlock new opportunities for success.

Key Features

  1. Dynamic Storytelling: Immerse yourself in a rich and intricately woven narrative, where every decision you make has far-reaching consequences for the kingdom and its inhabitants.

  2. Multiple Endings: Experience the thrill of uncovering 10 different endings, each offering a unique conclusion to your character's journey.

  3. Romantic Relationships: Explore diverse romantic storylines with three intriguing love interests, each offering their own challenges and rewards.

  4. Seamless Sequel: While Royal Order serves as an indirect sequel to Royal Alchemist, both games can be enjoyed separately, allowing players to dive into the world of Ethrea from different perspectives.


Royal Order offers players the chance to forge their destiny in a kingdom rife with intrigue and danger. With its customizable protagonist, romance options, and multiple endings, this visual novel game promises an immersive and thrilling gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more. Are you ready to take your place in the royal court and shape the future of Ethrea? The choice is yours in Royal Order.

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