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Hoop Grids

Hoop Grids is an exciting and challenging puzzle game designed for NBA fans and basketball enthusiasts. In Hoop Grids, your mission is to identify a specific NBA player for each grid cell, carefully following the rules set by the corresponding row and column.

Crossover Grid

Crossover Grid is an exhilarating puzzle game that challenges your sports knowledge across various leagues, including NBA, NFL, NHL, and Soccer. In this captivating game, your goal is to identify a specific player ...

FutBol Grid

FutBol Grid is a fascinating game that takes the classic concept of Tic Tac Toe and infuses it with a soccer twist. The objective is to strategically fill a 3x3 ...

NBA Grid

NBA Grid is an engaging game that provides a range of cognitive benefits that go beyond entertainment. The game sharpens your pattern recognition, strategic ...

Football Grid

Football Grid is a unique game that offers a thrilling blend of football knowledge and puzzle-solving, challenging you to showcase your expertise in club ...

Soccer Grid

Soccer Grid is an exciting game that introduces a unique twist to soccer trivia. The objective is to select a soccer player for each cell, ensuring that the ...

Other Unlimited Games

You can play others unlimited games such as heardle unlimited, waffle unlimited and more famous unlimited games

Collect Honey Puzzle

Collect Honey Puzzle is a buzzing good time! Merge your way from sticks to bricks to honey jars in this relaxing and strategic merge game. Enjoy the satisfying ...

Fruit Balls: Juicy Fusion

Fruit Balls: Juicy Fusion is a juicy escape for casual gamers! Merge colorful fruits and veggies, unwind with satisfying clicks, and unlock adorable animal skins.


ValorDoku is the ultimate Valorant agent placement challenge! Fill a grid with agents, but the less a player is picked for that role, the higher your score.

Planet Plummet

Planet Plummet is a mind-bending puzzle adventure where you merge identical planets to create a cosmic empire. Strategically combine celestial bodies, maximizing ...

RollUp Tiles

RollUp Tiles is a delightful puzzle game with a simple twist. Slide colorful tiles across the grid, merging matching numbers to create a single, unified tile.

That's Not My Neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor is a suspenseful horror game where you become the doorman of your own apartment building in 1955. New in this update: a high ...

Stack Game

Stack Game is a relaxing yet addictive challenge to build the tallest tower possible. Tap perfectly to stack colorful blocks, and earn gems for incredible streaks.

Mr. Mine Escape

Mr. Mine Escape is a captivating adventure game that plunges players into the heart of a perilous underground labyrinth. With three levels of increasing ...

FNF Week 8

FNF Week 8 is the latest update for Friday Night Funkin' and it's bringing the heat! A brand new character throws down a funky challenge with catchy tunes ...


Relatle is a daily music connection game where you guess artists to bridge the gap between a starting and a target artist. Solve the daily puzzle or create your ...

Daily Dozen Trivia

Daily Dozen Trivia is your daily dose of trivia madness! Answer questions across 9 categories, from sports to pop culture, all in record time. Compete against ...


Isaacle is a daily word game that tests your Binding of Isaac knowledge. Guess Isaac items and trinkets, or conquer infinite challenges coming soon. Play for fun ...

Going Live

Going Live is a thrilling otome game with a secret twist! You're a popular streamer in a forbidden romance with a struggling idol. Manage your own channel, ...

Palm Cracker

Embark on a thrilling digital detective adventure in Palm Cracker, where you'll unravel the mysteries hidden within a PalmPilot belonging to the elusive Crypt ...


Globela is a charming pixel art game where you must retrieve your stolen magic tome from the mischievous weather wizard Ogro. Utilize summoning magic to plant ...

Silver Thread : Deux

Silver Thread: Deux is a haunting visual novel where you guide a skeptical exorcist through a haunted theater. Uncover the truth behind the rumors, make choices ...


Tilemount is a love letter to the Covemountlikes series, disguised as a brain-teasing puzzle game. Navigate a grid-based world filled with references and iconic ...

Cinco Game

Cinco Game is a captivating word-guessing adventure that challenges players to unravel the mystery of hidden words through clever clues and deduction. Dive into ...


Toppled is a thrilling daily puzzle adventure that challenges players to unleash their wordplay skills and conquer unique word walls. With multiple solutions and ...

BFDIA: 5b – Battle For Dream Island

BFDIA: 5b is a wacky side-scrolling adventure where you guide the FreeSmart team through Evil Leafy's insides! Solve puzzles, use each character's unique ...

About ValorDoku

Calling all Valorant enthusiasts and strategic masterminds! Prepare to test your knowledge and optimize your agent selection with ValorDoku, a unique puzzle game that puts your Valorant agent expertise to the ultimate test.

The Challenge

  • Assemble the Perfect Team (on Paper): ValorDoku presents you with a grid, each square demanding a Valorant agent. Your objective? Fill the grid strategically, considering the roles each agent typically plays. The key twist? The less a player is picked for a specific role in the grid, the better your score becomes.

Understanding Player Roles

  • Recent Playstyle Matters: ValorDoku dynamically assigns roles to players based on their recent in-game performance. Players with one primary role will fit into that specific square (e.g., Duelist). Played two roles recently? They fit the corresponding combo square (e.g., Initiator-Sentinel). Three or more roles indicate a "flex" player who can adapt to various positions.
  • Viper's Duality: For players who primarily play other roles but are forced onto Viper occasionally, ValorDoku offers a special "Viper-Other Role" category.

Beyond the Basics

  • Tournament Prowess: ValorDoku factors in a player's recent tournament performance. Look out for qualifiers who emerged from the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) or champions who dominated Misc Tournaments like LOCK//IN and KICK//OFF.
  • League Champions Reign Supreme: For players competing in the post-franchising leagues (Americas, EMEA, Pacific, and China), ValorDoku recognizes League winners as a distinct category.
  • GIANTX by Any Other Name: Fear not, Valorant fans! GIANTX is recognized as the same entity as Giants Gaming.
  • Team Hoppers Welcome: ValorDoku understands players can switch teams. A player can be associated with their current team and any previous teams they've competed for (e.g., vanity and Cloud9).

Sharpen Your Valorant Agent IQ

ValorDoku is more than just a puzzle; it's a strategic playground to explore agent composition, analyze player performance, and ultimately, build your dream (theoretical) Valorant team. So, grab your virtual pen and paper (or mouse!), and prepare to dominate the world of ValorDoku!

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